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What is Parkway Wallet?

Parkway Wallet is a cutting-edge digital payment solution designed to help you send and receive money for FREE without hassle or delay.

How can I create a Parkway Wallet account?

1.Download the App from the Google Play Store/Apple Store.
2.Launch the app and tap on the “Create Account” Button.
3.Input your BVN to verify and generate an account.
4.Set a “Password” and input the “OTP” sent to your email or phone number.
5.Create a “4-digit transaction PIN” and “Security question”.
6.“Confirm” and proceed to your dashboard.

I have forgotten my password

1.Tap on the “Forget password” on the login page.
2. Input your email address or phone number linked to your account and tap the “Send Code” button.
3.Enter the OTP/Code sent to your phone number or email.
4.Create a “New password” to continue and input your “Transaction PIN” to complete your request.

I have forgotten my Transaction PIN.

1. Tap on your “Profile” icon.
2. Select “Transaction PIN” and tap on “Forgot PIN”.
3. Answer the “Security questions” you selected upon registration.
4. Input the “OTP” sent to your Phone number or email.
5. Choose a new “4-digit PIN” to complete your request.

How can I filter my transaction history?

To filter your transaction history, tap the “See All” icon on your dashboard to view all your transactions and filter to preferred date(s) using the icon on the top left.

How do I change my Password on my account?

1.Tap on the “Profile" Icon on your dashboard.
2.Select the “Security” option and tap on the “Password”.
3.Provide the “Old password” before entering the “New password”.
4.Tap the “Reset” button to update your password.

How do I change my PIN on my account?

1.Tap on the “Profile” Icon on your dashboard.
2.Select the “Security” option and tap on the “Transaction PIN”.
3.Provide the “Old PIN” before entering a new PIN.
4.Tap the “Reset” button to update your PIN.

How can I get my Parkway Wallet account number?

Your account number is in your dashboard above your displayed wallet balance.

What are the transaction charges?

1.All transfers from a Parkway Wallet to another bank are FREE when you maintain a minimum wallet balance of N10,000. If your wallet balance is less than the minimum balance, you will be charged a fee of N15 for each transfer.
2.All transfers from a Parkway Wallet to another Parkway Wallet are free.

How do I view my statement?

1.Tap on your “Statement” option from your profile menu.
2.Enter your “Email address” and select your “Date” range.
3.Tap the “Send” button to receive your statement on your registered email.

What is my daily transaction limit?

Your account tier determines your transaction limit; please check your profile to confirm your limit.

How do I upgrade my account tier?

1.Tap your “Upgrade Your Account” button on your dashboard.
2.Pick your preferred “Tier”.
3.Provide the required document and tap the “Submit” button.
4.Your application will be approved within 24 hours.

How to transfer to Invoice?

Tap on the “Transfer” button on your dashboard.
2. Select the “To Invoice” option
3. Enterthe invoice number and confirm your details to proceed.
4.Provide your “4-digit PIN” to complete payment.

How do I transfer money from my wallet?

1.Tap on the “Transfer” icon on the dashboard.
2.Select the “Parkway Wallet” or “To Other Bank account” option.
3.Enter the transaction details and complete the transfer with your “Transaction PIN”. Note: You can also select a beneficiary if it has been saved and complete your transfer.

How do I receive money in my wallet?

1.Tap on the “Receive” icon on your dashboard.
2.To receive money from a Parkway Wallet user, select the “From Parkway Wallet User” option and copy/share the details.
3.Select the “With Account Number” option to receive money from another bank and copy/share the details.

How do I contact the support team?

1.Tap on your “Profile” on your dashboard.
2.Select the “Support” option to contact the team.

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